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Название:Vertical CNC Milling Machine (BL-VCMM-Y3
Торговая марка:BLIN
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Фрезерный станок
Product Description

Vertical CNC Milling Machine(BL-VCMM-Y32A)

Introduction for Machine and Production:    
Main parts produced at TAIWAN branch factory.  
Machine adopt GERMANY technology, main technology is guided by GERMANY engineer.      
Providing machine as OEM form for GERMANY Company as long term.
Have Two TAIWAN engineers, full production is supervised by TAIWAN engineers.  
Have ISO and CE Certificate, machine produced strictly according to CHINA GB Standard and CE Safety Standard.

1. Beautiful Apperance.      
2. Friendly Rotatable Controller Box    
3. Guideway Full Closed Protection Shield.    
4. Coolant Liquid Outlet and Chip Flowing Air Outlet.  
5. Spindle Parts made by TAIWAN SHUENN-JIA, assembly in China Mainland. Dishing Connection Spring made in Germany.  
6. BT40 Universal Spindle Head.        
7. Machine bearings use China No. 1 Brand-HRB P4 Class.  
8. Rubber Pad on door to protect paint.  
9. CHINA Top Class high quality Spindle Motor, itself have Frequency Conversion Function.          
10. TAIWAN SP Brand special Air-Oil Compound Pressure Adding Cylinder          
11. TAIWAN AIRTAC Brand Pneumatic Parts(Air Valve, Air Pipe etc)
12. X. Y. Z Axes Travel Limited Switches
13. Special anti-blast Working Lamp    
14. MPG-GSK Brand    
15. Special Dustproof Rubber Sealing Tape on edge of Cabinet.
16. Special Fireproofing Circuit Board and Groove.  
17. All Electric Parts use TAIWAN TAIAN Brand.    
18. CE Safety Standard Electric Cabinet Power Switch.    
19. TAIWAN DELTA Brand Inverter.                
Standard Configuration:
GSK980MDa CNC System(Colorful displaying, English Version)
X. Y. Z Axes Feeding Motor& Driver: Step or AC Servo(GSK Brand) 6/6/6nm
MPG(Hand Wheel): GSK Brand      
Spindle Frequency Conversion(100-3000 or 100-6000rpm), BT40, Common Spindle 3kw        
Inverter(TAIWAN DELTA Brand)        
Pneumatic Tool Clamping&Rleasing      
Automatic Lubrication System        
Coolant System          
Working Lamp          
Half Closed Cover
Standard Accessories        

Standard Accessories:
Machine Foot Adjustment Pad& Bolts 1set      
Tool Kit 1set      
Air Gun 1pc      
Tool Shank 1pc      
Spring Collet 1set(12pcs)      
Full Set English Version User Manual      

Optional Accessories/Configuration:
OA1. MPG(Hand Wheel)(Only for Step Configuration, is standard configuration for Servo Configuration)      
OA2. TAIWAN SHUENN-JIA Brand Original Imported High Speed Integral Spindle Unit(100-8000rpm, Inside Original NSK Bearings) OA3. Servo Spindle( For Rigid Tapping)
Full set include Servo Spindle Motor, Servo Driver, CNC System Function Unit.
OA4.4th, 5th Axes
Dividing Head
Manual Tilting NC Rotary Table(1 Axes)
NC Tilting Rotary Table(2 Axes)

Worktable Table Area850×320mm
T Type Slot3-14mm
Load Weight300kgs(Real Max. 400kgs)
Travel X Axes500mm
Y Axes300mm
Z Axes280mm
SpindleDistance from Spindle Nose to Worktable Surface 100-400mm
Distance from Spindle Center to Column Surface300mm
Spindle HeadBT40
Spindle Motor PowerStandard: 3kw,Optional: 4kw (both are Frequency Conversion Motor)
Spindle Speed RangeStandard: 1:2 100-3000rpm or 1:1 100-6000rpm(Stepless Frequency Conversion);                        
Optional:100-8000rpm(Taiwan Integral High SpeedSpindle Unit
Tool Changing TypePneumatic Clamping&Release
Feeding Axes X,Y,Z Axes Motor Torque16/16/16nm(Step),6/6/6nm(Servo)
Feeding Speed1-3000mm/min
Fast Moving Speed4(Step)/8(Servo) m/min
PrecisionPosition Precision±0.01mm
Repeatable Position Precision ±0.008mm
Min. Setting Unit0.01(Step),0.001(Servo)mm
Overall Dimension1700*1400*2100mm(Half Cover)
2100*2000*2100mm(Full Cover)
Weight 1800kg(Half Cover)       2000kg(Full Cover)

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