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Название:Fully Hydraulic Drilling Rig (6BTA5.9-C1
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Product Description

HXD-5L is a full hydraulic drill head hydraulic rig. It is different from the traditional hydraulic mechanical transmission to the drilling rig into the vertical shaft type. Compared with the following characteristics:

A. Have a high speed drill and a reasonable speed range, the main system for variable pump-the form of variable motor drives, power head rotation driving force for the first increase in non-polar high-speed, low-speed mechanical tro respectively, wide speed range, low-speed torque, and for Diamond core drilling of small diameter, can meet the large-diameter carbide core drilling rigs and various project requirements.
B. Driving force for the first match with the holder, can be disposed of mechanical screw hole, quickly and easily, greatly improved drilling efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
C. Driving force for the first trip, and helps to reduce the number of down-under to prevent the core plug to raise the rate of core taken.
D. Rig type rig withe the mast and the main winch, a hole 6 meters can be extracted.

E. Coring winch with rope, the rope can be advanced core drilling process, improve net drilling time.
F. Equippend with motor-driven hydraulic pump, Oil from drilling its own oil supply, reliable and user-friendly.
G. Focus on drilling operations, is simple and convenient, flexible and reliable.
H. Trailer rigs and equipment for the track in two forms, mobile convenience, ease of migration.
I. Drilling Rig Oil imports and joint system of hydraulic components of large enterprises, stable performance, reliable, and effective guarantee of machine so that

Drilling depth(m)   1800 1500 1200  800 
Drill Pipe Specifications   s56   s59(BQ)   s75(NQ)   s95(HQ)

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