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Название:3-Roll Upper Roller Universal Plate Bend
Торговая марка:Haiwei
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Гибочный станок
Product Description

W11S-30X2500 rolling machine

1, summarize:
This machine used to coil plate into different sharps such as cylindrical form, conic form and arc, it adopted Japan hydraulic technical.
Top roll can does vertical and level motion, up and down, parallel translation is display. This machine include pre-bending function.
2, main technical datax
Upper roller adding pressure 230tons
Max width of roll board: 2500mm
Max thickness of plate 25mm(carbon steel σ S≤ 245Mpa)
Max thickness of plate pre-bending 30mm(carbon steel σ S≤ 245Mpa)
Up roll diameter: Φ 410mm
Down roll diameter: Φ 235mm
Distance between two down rolls: 380mm
Support rolls: One group
Drive speed: About 4.0m/min
Hydraulic motor: 11KW
Main motor 30KW
Moving motor 4KW

Remarks: 1, quantity of remain catheter≤ 2.9 times of plate thickness
2, bending precision, roundness, linearity, ends surface error all less than 3mm/M
3, structure and main parts:
This equipment composed of main machine part, hydraulic system, electricity control system.
3-1 main machine part composed of top rolls, down rolls and level motion device support rolls device, tuning device, balance device, lubricate device, left and right work frame and bottom plate.
1) upper rolls device composed of main cylinder, upper bearing pedestal, upper rolls, double self-aligning bearing. Two cylinders provide the pressure for upper roll bending, main cylinder working pressure is 20 Mpa, max pressure of upper roll multiply 0.8 times to compensate for pre-bending. Upper roll two ends fit with double self-aligning bearing to reduce the friction and motor power. The material of upper roll is 42CrMo, heat treatment is HB220-280.
2) down roll and level motion device.
The material of down roll is alloy steel, heat treatment is HB220-280. It composed of down of roll, down roll bearing pedestal, down roll input gear, down roll, glide bearing. Down bearing adopt SF-2 oil glide bearing.
Level motion motor supply the power, through the strap drive to CWU worm wheel and pole speed reducer. Upper roll level motion drove by worm wheel and pole to finish bending in dissymmetry form.
3) support device
Composed of sloping block device, support device, support rolls bearing pedestal, support lifting device, support rolls can adjust up and down. The adjustment depend on plate speciation. The material of support is 45# heat treat HB 217-240, it made up in helix sharp to protect the surface.
4) main drive device
It composed of motor, hard gear speed reducer, output gear, main motor can tuning in two direction and provide bending pitch of strand.
5) tuning device
Composed of RAM, bearing, tuning cylinder
6) balance device
Composed of balance compact, screw
7) lubricate device composed of lubricate pipe and lubricate pipe attachment, adopted GB7323-1994 NO 2 lithium grease.
3-2 hydraulic system
Composed of Y series motor, gear pump, valves, oil tank, pipe and so on.
Max pressure is 20 Mpa, testing pressure is 24 Mpa, pressure adjusted by overflow valve, system working pressure 0-19 MPa, normal pressure is 15Mpa. The valves adopted from Taiwan.
3-3 electricity system
Composed of electrical box, operation table, manual button. The power is 380V50Hz adopted PLC control system code with longevity easily operate. Whole bending process can read from the indicator setting on the control box.
4, inspection
JB/T8796-1998 Standard inspection/trial of machine at our factory before shipment is acceptable to us. Cost of sending your representative to your account.
5, delivery time
55 days after receive the first payment.
6, Guarantee and warranty:
We undertake responsibility to repair/replace free of the parts during one year as from shipment. And offer serve for ever.

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