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Название:Ck60 Series CNC Horizontal Lathe for Big
Модель:ck60 series
Торговая марка:YT
Класс точности:Обычной точности
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Qingdao Yuantong Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Jinling Industrial Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China.

Our company is a professional manufacturer for segmented or two-half mould and various machining tools, such as CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe, CNC milling& boring machine, angular milling machine,
Engraving machine, and so on, which mainly used for machining plate or ring-like workpieces, such as tire mould, slewing bearing, turbine impeller, flange and so on.

CK60 Series Horizontal lathe is a kind of middle size horizontal machine, and is designed and developed by our company through many years' practice with the advantage of high cost-effective, low consumption and practicality.

The lathe is reasonable in structure and perfect in appearence. Equipped with SIMENS or FANUC system, the machine is reliable with high respond speed.

The horizontal lathe is mainly used in cutting heavy plate or ring-like machine parts with bigger diameter and the lathe is widely used in the processing work of rubber machinery, heavy machinery, automobile production, mining machinery and railway equipment parts.

The horizontal lathe is using PMI balling screw, a Taiwan Brand, with higher transvering accuracy to ensure high moving speed and reduce drivve clearence. We also like to choose the right balling screw which you recommend and use.

The spindle adopts precise regid bearing which is able to endure strong cutting. The bearing is from NSK, a famous Japanese brand.

The function of the lathe is that under the prepared operation program, the two coordinates CNC system automatically finish the processing of complex curved surface, such as inner bore, external circle, mold cavity, cone and so on.

We want to provide you the best products you need, with high rigidity, superb accuracy, and fine stability.

We hope our every product can save your time and energy and satisfy your working requirement.

Please send me a message, if you have some interest in any one product.

                           Item           CK6020            CK6014
Worktable height1010mm730mm
Max. load capacity3t1.5t
Spindle speed0-100rpm0-140rpm
Max.workpiece rotary dia.2000mm1400mm
Max.workpiece length450mm380mm
Toolhead rotary angle360360
Max.toolhead horizontal travel800mm700mm
Max.toolhead vertical travel460mm380mm
Main motorY160L---6, 15KWY160---6, 15KW
Feed motor type130BYG250A130BYG250A
NC systemWA-21DTWA-21DT
Grease lubricating pumpYB01AYB01A
Machine weight7.6T5.8T
Machining precisionCylinder500:0.03
flat0.02     Dia.500mm

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