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Название:2011 Hot Sale CNC Machining Center Vl105
Торговая марка:Datan
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Многофункциональный центр
Product Description

Machine features:
1)  With the most rigid" ARCH" shape column, honeycomb type machine bed, sliding saddle, worktable and FEA treatment on the machine structure, the machine is optimized;
2)  The standard spindle speed is 8000rpm and the optional speed is 10000-15000rpm. High speed accurate main speed is driven by high speed belt with gear. Secondary dynamic balance inspection is done on main spindle, resulting in a high revolution accuracy with low vibration and high surface processing.
3)  Main spindle transmission has adopted precise C3 accurate ball screw. High positioning accuracy of machine is ensured by 3-axis laser-based measuring, ball bar test and μ Bidirectional pitch compensation.
4)  High-strength meehannite casting is dealt with excellent heat treatment, and super high-frequency quenching guide rails are treated with delicate grinding and scraping;
5)  The machine can be optionally equipped with gearbox with gear ratio 1: 2/1: 4/1: 8, which help to select right spindle according to requirements and to improve productivity and lower investment cost;
6)  The machine can be equipped with multi-axial boring and multi-axial drilling spindle box to achieve effective processing with multi-cutter and multi-spindle, which reflect innovative integration of machining center with advanced technology of combinate machines;
7)  Optional configuration forms multi-functional machine tool with flexible module to realize several processing procedures based on one-time tool change, keep up with new trend of international machine tool.

Model No. VL-1055
Capacity X axis travel/mm 1000
Y axis travel/mm 560
Z axis travel/mm 610
Spindle nose to table surface/mm 150-760
Spindle nose to column surface/mm 610
Workable Table size/(L*W) 1000*560
Max load on the table/kg 650
T-slot size/mm 18*5*100
Spindle Spindle speed/rpm 10000
Spindle taper/spindle shank BT40
Max spindle inner diameter/mm Φ 70
Spindle motor(30 mins, mitsubishi)/kw 7.5/11
Feed rate X, Y, Z rapid traverse/M/min 36/36/24
Max cutting feed rate(M/min) 10
A. T. C Guide rail types Linear guide rails
Tool storage capacity/pc Arm type 24
Max tool diameter(adjacent tools)/mm Φ 150(80)
Max tool length/mm 300
Max tool weight/kg 8
Tool change time(T-T)/sec 5
Tool change time(C-C)/sec 2.5
Accuracy Positioning accuracy/mm ± 0.005
Repeatability positioning accuracy/mm ± 0.003
Machine size Machine height/mm 2600
Space requirement(L*W) 3000*2500
Net machine weight/kg 6000
Power requirement/KVA 20
Air pressure/kg/cm 2 5-7
Drive motor/kw 2/2/2
Control system F-0iMD/M70

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