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Название:CK6150B CNC Lathe
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CNC lathe machine
10 years Machine Tool Manufacturing
Stable, high efficiency and accurate processing

CNC lathe:

There are two types: Plain lathe and Inclined rail lathe. The Inclined rail lathe contain hard rail and line rail.
The model of Plain lathe: CK6130, CK6136, CK6135, CK6150L, CK6150B, CK6163, CK6180, CK-32, CK-50

1)The large hole: The diameter for through hole of main axle is Φ 82, the thick rod materials can pass though the large through hole; The main bearing is enlarged due to thickening of main axle; The cutting intensity and rigidity are improved greatly.

2)Strong cutting: The lathe head box is divided into two kinds of mechanical shift: 16 and 24; The output torque is large, it can satisfy the strong cutting in various speed range.

Low speed for special purpose: The lowest rotary speed of main axle in 24 lever is 9r/min, with frequency control of motor speed, it is widely used in special material and mold machining.

3)Variable frequency of main transmission: Due to long main transmission chain and large inertance, and eliminate the multi- disc clutch on the general lathe structure, the impact when braking and starting damages the gear. It is recommended to refit the transducer to realize the active transmission and flexible start and stop, protect the gear.

4)Good precision retaining ability: Sliding apron; And the supporting plate can be lengthened to increase the contact surface, to make it more stable and endurable, it can keep the precision continuously.

Machining      accuracy 
Positioning  accuracy mm 150
  Repeatedly    Positioning  accuracy mm 0.02
  Ellipticity  on  machining mm 0.005
  Machining  roughness μ m 0.005
  Main  transmission
  Diameter  for  through  hole  of  main  axle mm Φ 82
  conicity  of  inner  hole  of  main  axle   NO. 5
main  axle  type   A2-8
Rotating  speed  range  of  main  axle rpm 35-1600/9-1600
  main  axle  lever   lever 16/24
electric  power  of  the  main  axle kw 7.5
    power  supply  enter  power   50Hz    380V
  gross  power kw 10.5
Machining    Range
  maximal  turnaround  diameter  of  the  lathe mm 520
  maximal  turnaround  diameter  of  the  dragging  board mm 320
  maximal  machining  length mm 750/1000/1500
  maximal  stroke  of  sliding  plate  (X  travel) mm 285
    Electric  knife  rest   Cutter  digit   4(6  or  8  available)
  Repeatedly    Positioning  accuracy mm 0.003
  Bore-hole  of  tailstock  sleeve   NO. 5
  maximal  stroke  of  the  tailstock  sleeve  mm 150
  diameter  of    tailstock  sleeve mm Φ 75
Dimensions  and  net  weight
Dimensions  of  lathe  tool  (L  x  B  x  H)  mm 2500      1350    1800
  net  weight kg 2450

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