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Название:(CNC) Vertical Lathe (SLC 315Q / SLC350Q
Модель:SLC 315Q / SLC350Q / SLC400Q / SLC500Q
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description


This series machine is suitable for finely and roughly turning cylinder and inner hole, inner and outer taper, surfacing, grooving, threading and curving of the ferrous, nonferrous metal and some kinds of non-metal materials with hard-alloyed and porcelain tools.

The main drive is provided by DC motor (two-step speed-change) or AC motor (16-step speed-change) to engage in table speed-change.

The table is thermal symmetric construction. The table spindle is centered by high-precision double-row short roller bearing whose radial clearance can be adjusted. With constant flow hydrostatic guideway and oil temperature device applied in axial direction, the table has features of higher swivel precision, larger loadability and smaller thermal deformation.

AC servomotors (connected directly with ballscrew) which drive the ball-screw via rated gear-set to control the heads to feed or rapid move composes machine's feed system.

The following guideway can be taken as horizontal guideway of vertical head: Linear dual-direction roller guideway, hydrostatic guideway, rolling & sliding guideway and slide guideway.

CNC control system provides Siemens. The other CNC systems are also can be provided on customers' requirement.

On customer's requirement, the followings can be supplied: Magazine, built-in tool setting device, boring & milling ability, table indexing and feed abilities, grounding ability, cooling device, left head and whole-loop control, etc.

  Max.turning diameter3150mm3500mm4000mm5000mm
Table diameter2500/ 2830mm2830/ 3150mm3150/ 3600mm4000/ 4500mm
Max.height of workpiece2000~2500mm  2000~3150mm
Max.weight of workpiece32T32~40T32~63T
Travel of head horizontal-20~1840mm-20~2015mm-20~2265mm-20~2765mm
Max.cutting force of right rail head35/ 40kn35/ 40/ 50kn40/ 50kn
Max.cutting force of left rail head  28/ 35kn35kn
Max.torque of table80kn.m80 / 100kn.m
Range of table speeds (16steps)1.6~50 / 0.63 - 63 r/min
  Rapid traverse of head    4000/ 6000/ 8000mm/min
Torque of feed motor42N.m
Power of main motorAC:55kw / DC:75kw
Section dimension of ram220~240 sqmm220~280 sqmm240~280 sqmm
Vertical travel of ram1250 / 1400 / 1600mm1250 / 1400 / 1600 / 2000mm
Guideway pair of tableHydrostatic/ Sliding    
CNC systemSiemens

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