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Название:Radial Drilling and Milling Machine (PTZ
Тип:Сверлильный станок
Product Description

1. High-performance high-speed radial drilling and milling machine with highly flexible machining options;
2. Powerful machine for drilling, milling, tapping and boring;
3. Large travel ranges and many different machining stations provide maximum setup and machining possibilities;
4. Extremely sturdy construction ensures high accuracy and reliability;
5. 3-phase with two-voltage collocation;
6. Spinlde speed in frequency conversion and step-less using Germany frequency converter;
7. A linear roller guide way is adopted to the RAM;
8. Cone axial clamping structure is adopted to the column quill;
9. RAM and column quill could be clamped automatically and could be loosed by hydraulic;
10. Digital readout for the display of speed and cutting depth;
11. Micro feed of the spindle is avaiable;
12. Tapping feature with automatic rotation;
13. Spinlde feed is controlled by an electric magnetic clutch;
14. Strength spinlde, large diameter column;
15. Coolant and fender device;
16. Superior quality of gears with harded and lapped gears of surface;
17. High durable wear-out material is adopted to the worm gear;
18. Turning worktable, base worktable and working table (box type) are offered as special accessories;
19. Mill cutter shank, dia.6-16mm collet, handle of collect, nut for T-solt, inner hexagon bolt etc milling special accessories are offered.

Standard Accessories:
*Key type drill chuck
*Connecting bar for drill chuck
*Shaft sleeve for taper shank tool
*Wedge for taper shank tool
*Adjusting mat

Optional Accessories:
*Milling cutter shank
*Collet shank
*Dia.6mm - Dia.16mm collet
*Cross worktable (640x205mm)
*Nut for T-slot
*Inner hexagon bolt
*Turning table
*Base worktable
*Working table (box type)

Max.drilling diameter (steel)Φ40 mm
Max.tapping diameter (steel)Φ30 mm
Max.milling cutter diameterΦ80 mm
Max.travel of spindle200 mm
Distance between column center line to the T slot in the middle of worktable640 mm
Max.distance between spindle end to the worktable surface760 mm
Max.travel of ram590 mm
Max.travel for the spindle box in up and down position400 mm
Turning angle of spindle box to the arm±90º
Spindle taper boreMT.4
Spindle speed ranges(step-less)50~2000 r/min
Spindle feed steps6
Spindle feed range0.08~0.50 mm/r
Dimension of worktable(LxW)1200 x 505 mm
Diameter of columnΦ220 mm
Power of motor2.2kw
Machine dimension1910 x1200 x2400 mm
Mode of spindle feedElectromagnetism
Machine weight(gross/net)3000/2800 kg

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