Общие сведения
Название:CNC Vertical Lathe (CK514/CK516/CK518)
Торговая марка:SOTENG-CNC
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

CK514, CK516, CK518 Lathe with advantages of same products in the mordem world, composed mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts into one, CK514, CK516, CK518 vertical CNC lathe occupies small floor space. The layout of the whole machine is reasonable and easy to set up and maintain. With features of high speed. Big torque and high rigidity. All the parts are imported from world famous companies, the lathe is with high reliability and durability, it can machine various short shafts such as wheel hub, brake hub, discs, threads, arc, taper, internal and external surface of rotary parts, end-face, slot and do the work of drilling and reaming etc. The lathe is suitable for maching complex shape parts of small or middle batches and the parts requiring high consistency of accuracy and size of big batches. This kind of lathes is applied widely in the automobile industries both at home and abroad, This lathe is with high efficiency, accuracy, quality, benefit, low costs, quick return of investment and high ratio of function to price.
The lathe is comply with operability as human body engineering. The lathe can be easily applied in automatic production line and frouned to production unit. Two sets of vertical lathes can made a production line to machine the front side and back side of the workpiece

1. Main Specifications: CK516
Swing over bed 800mm
Max. turning dia. 600mm
Max. turning height 600mm
Speed range 45-1000
Chuck diameter 500mm
Spindle nose A211
X-axis travel -50-500
Z-axis travel 650
Rapid speed of X-axis 12m /min
Rapid speed of Z-axis 12m /min
Machine accuracy IT6-IT7
X/Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.018/0.020
X/Z-axis repeatability accuracy 0.006/0.010
Turret type 6 (vertical)
External cutting tool shank size 32 x 32
Boring tool size Φ 32, Φ 40, Φ 50
Spindle motor (kw) 15
X-axis servo motor (kw) 2.5
Z-axis servo motor (kw) 2.5
Motor of cooling pump (kw) 1.1
Machine weight 11T
Machine size 5100 x 2700 x 3360mm
CNC System Fanuc 0i – mate-TC

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