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Название:Flat Bed CNC Lathe (BL-FBCL-YQ6118 / 612
Торговая марка:BLIN
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description

Machine manufacturer has 31 years history, Annual Production Qty: 4000Sets. Machining Precision: 0.01mm, Repeatability Precision of X/Z Axes: 0.01mm, Real Max. Can reach 0.003/0.005mm, we can sign precision guarantee agreement with you for the precision.
1. Machine produced strictly according to China GB Standard, CQC Quality Standard and CE Safety Standard: Include X. Z Axes Travel Limited Switch, Zero Point Return Switch, Connect to Ground, High Quality Working Lamp, Alarm Nameplates, Anti-brush-burn Soft Plastic Film Instruction Nameplate, Electric Off Protection etc.
2. Machine Cover use plastic spraying(ejection plastic) technolgy treatment, ensure strong scraping, paint will not drop.
3. Main Front Namplate(marked Model) made by metal sheet. Other nameplate use Plastic Film, avoid to hurt operator's hand when clean machine. Sticked by America 3M Brand stickiness, will not drop even if the nameplate is broken. And add all Alarm Nameplates marked different danger class by different Color.
4. All buttons on panel imported from Taiwan, can endure 3 times more longer using lifespan than common buttons.    
5. Use High magnetism magnet for door opening, durable and safe.
6. Has two Coolant Tanks, chips can't enter Coolant Liquid Pump, can protect coolant pump.
7. Spindle Box and Base structure is very stable
8. Strap connected with Spindle and Spindle Motor use special type high speed Strap, more stable and better transmission performance, save electricity, also has longer using life-span.
9. Encoder use China No. 1 Brand.
10. Spindle Bearings total have YQ6118/6120/6125/6130-4PCS(2PCS+2PCS), 6132-5PCS(Front: 3PCS+Back: 2PCS)
11. Spindle and X. Z Axes Bearing use China No. 1 -HRB Brand's best "BC" Series.
12. Spindle Lipid use America Shell Brand( World Wide Well-known)
13. Standard Pnumatic Collet Device use China Top Quality High Speed Rotary Air Cylinder(has two pistons, Max. Drag force can reach 1.6t, provide equal force according to workpiece position, can protect workpiece and has higher using lifespan), immitate Germany Tehcnology.
14. Protection shied for Feeding Servo Motor to avoid chips affact Feeding Motor.
15. All Pneumatic Parts use Taiwan AIRTAC Brand, include Oil&Water Filter, Air Pipe, Electromagnetism Valve, silencer, Connection Parts etc.
16. Full closed Shield for Guide Way, avoide chips drop into Guideway and Ball Screw.
17. Machine can use Gang Tool Device or 4 station Vertical Type Electric Tool Turret use China Top Brand, immitate Switzerland Tehcnology
18. Cable Shield can protect Cable well, ensure long using lifespan
19. Z Axes Ball Screw Protection Shield, avoid dust drop into Ball Screw Groove
20. X. Z Axes Feeding Motor connected with Ball Screw directly (not by strap), ensure high precision, faster feeding, save electricity.
21. X. Z Axes Feeding Motor use 4/4 or 4/6 nm, has big torque under long speed.
22. Connection device between X. Z Axes Ball Screw and Feeding Motor use No. 1 Brand in China, spring sheet imported from Japan.
23. X. Z Axes Ball Screw set at middle position, drag force is equal, ensure faster feeding speed and high machining precision and long term using lifespan. Much better than side setting Ball Screw.
24. X. Z Axes Ball Screw is bigger than other supplier, More Stable, ensure higher speed feeding, less libration, higher precision, lower burthen for Feeding Motor.
25. Guideway is wider than other company, is more stable.
26. Ball Screw Shield can protect Ball Screw, avoid dust entering.
27. Strengthened Manual Tailstock
28. England EURA Brand Inveter
29. Contactor made by China No. 1 Brand-Siemens's Sole OEM manufacturer for Contactor.
30. Drivers set in different cabinet with Inverter&Transformer. (Part strong-electricity with weak-electricity, ensure safety and long time using lifespan. )
We provide ONE YEAR GUARANTEE for these machines. Please enquire us for Detailed information,Configuraiton&Accessories.

SpecificationUnit                                         Parameter
Capacity  Model YQ6118YQ6120YQ6125YQ6130YQ6132
Max. Swing Dia. over Bed(Real Max. Swing is bigger)mmΦ180Φ200Φ250Φ300Φ320
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide Boardfor 4 station Electric Tool TurretmmΦ130    
for Gang Tool Carriage&HoldersmmΦ100
Max. Turning Dia. mmΦ180Φ200Φ250Φ300Φ320
Machining Precision mm0.01
Max. Machining Lengthmm200200300350500
Thread RangeMetricmm0.25-100
Spindle Spindle Speed Range(Real Max. is higher than marked)r/min200-3000200-3000200-3000200-2500100-2500
Spindle BoremmΦ37Φ37Φ48Φ48Φ50
Spindle Taper ----40 degree( Collet Taper is 41degree)
Power of Spindle Motor(Frequency Conversion)kw2.22.2335.5
Power of Inverterkw2.
Spindle Bearings(Front+Back)pc2+22+22+22+23+2
Clamping DeviceStandard ----Penumatic Collet(use High Speed Hollow Air Cylinder) 
Opional Hydraulic Collet, Manual/Pneumaitc/Hydraulic Chuck 
X.Z AxesTravel of X/Z-axesmm180/200280/200260/300260/350260/450
Feeding Speed of X/Z Axesm/min8/8( Under un-loading situation can reach 12m)
Repeatability of X/Z Axesmm0.01mm(Real Max. can reach 0.003/0.005mm) 
Ball ScrewX AxesModel----25052505250525052505
Outer Dia.mm2525252525
Z AxesModel----32063206320632064006
Outer Dia.mm3232323240
Torque of X/Z Axes MotorStepnm8/12
Min. Setting Unit of X/Z Axesmm0.001
Tailstock Travel of Tailstock QuillmmN/A90100
Taper of Tailstock Quill----MT4#MT4#
Tailstock Quill Dia.mm4548
Tool PostTool Post TypeGang Tool Carriage&Gang Tool Holder(3pcs)----StandardOptional
Vertical 4 Station Electric Tool TurretOptionalStandard
No. of Tools ----1-8(Gang Tool Post); 4(4 station Electric Tool Turret)
Size of Tool Shankmm24×24
OthersPower of Coolant Pump Motor40
Guide Way Width mm250250300300350
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)mm1400*940* 15501450*1000*16001600*1000*16001650*1050*16001730*1100*1620
Net WeightKg70080090012001400
CNC SystemStandard----GSK980TB2,GSK928TEII,GSK980TDb
Optional----As Customer Required.                                    

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