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Название:CNC Slant Bed Lathe (CK6740/CK6750)
Торговая марка:SOTENG-CNC
Класс точности:Обычной точности
Тип:Токарный станок
Product Description


CK6740, CK6750 series are slant bed CNC lathes of popular edition. They are suitable for turning of complicated shaft, sleeve, and disk type work-pieces such as turning of internal and external cylindrical, conical, arc surfaces and various threads. And they are especially fit for turning of diversified work-pieces on small and medium batches. They are of high versatility, high efficiency, low inferiority and good conformability, Also, being excellent medium type machining equipment, they are of simple programming, easy operation and with full functions.
1. Slant bed construction with good rigidity and nice looking. It is easy to remove the chips.
2. Stepless speed changing fully automatic by means of main sevo motor. Gear box ensures the machine high torque at low speed and constant surface speed cutting.
3. High accurate bearing ensures high accuracy and its stability; Servo motors directly coupled to the ball-screws with flexible clearance-free couplings result in greatly improved positioning accuracy, and more accurate threading and contouring.
4. Japanese FANUC CNC systems and German Siemens CNC systems are adopted, and other CNC systems are available options.
5. Hanging-type console separated from the protection door makes programming and controlling much easier.
6. The latest popular streamline design used for the exterior gives a fresh feeling and a smart appearance.
7. Engineering plastic towlines used for cable and pipe protection, ensuring a long working life.
8. Hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock and big power servo motor is adopted as the standard accessories.

Model CK6740 CK6750
Max. swing over bed 400mm 500mm
Max. swing over carriage Φ 250mm Φ 320mm
Distance between centers 440mm 675mm
Max. length of workpiece 300mm 580mm
Spindle through-hole Φ 58mm Φ 80mm
Spindle bore 49mm 87mm
Max. bar capacity 39mm 72mm
Size of hydraulic chuck 6” 10”
Model of Spindle nose A2-5 A2-8
Spindle speed range 3000r/min 2000r/min
Type of turret H 8 H 8
Size of cutter cross section 20mm× 20mm 25mm× 25mm
Boring bar 32mm 32mm
Whirl direction hydraulic double direction
Quill diameter 65mm 100mm
Quill stroke 80mm 120mm
Taper of quill front-end hole Morse No. 4
Feed axis:
X axis servo motor 1.5kw
Z axis servo motor 1.5kw 2.3kw
X axis Max. travel 135mm 200mm
Z axis Max. travel 400mm 620mm
Rapid travel of X axis 9000mm/min
Rapid travel of Z axis 15000mm/min
Spindle servo motor:
Spindle servo motor 11/15kw 15/18.5kw
Other specifications:
Rated pressure of gear pump 2.5MPa
Working pressure of oil cylinder 1.0-1.5MPa
Cooling system:
Model of cooling pump AOB-25
Power of cooling motor 90W
Flow rate of cooling pump 25L/min
Dimensions: 2510mmx 1490mmx 1780mm 3680mmx 1660mmx 2010mm

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