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Название:CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC650)
Торговая марка:SUZHOUBAOMA
Класс точности:Высокоточный
Тип:Многофункциональный центр
Product Description

1)Casting is made by advanced nano Meehanite. Such material is very stable; It can make sure there is no distortion after long term use. Main structure adopts ANSYS limited unit software analysis, to reach highest and best rigid structure design.

2)We design strong structure to build column, avoid and reduce distortion while cutting.

3) Nut integrated design
Nut block for screw and main machine body are built together for every axis, with this design, machine will get better rigidity, and won't lost precision while heavy cutting and acceleration movement impact

4)Adopt three slide blocks for single axis
Adopt three slide blocks for single axis will enhance load capacity around 30%, with this method will improve the load capacity.

5)Optimized structure of heavy rail linear guide
Comparing with ball screw guide, its lead capacity and damping properties has been improved 30% and 15% respectively: Comparing with hard track guide, dynamic motion function has been improved 300%, at the same condition, the machining efficiency will be 2%-15% better, life of machine will be 3-6 times longer, so without shutting the machine down to repair, it will save 5-20% precious time

6) High accuracy, high inflexible principal axis
Belt transmission type principal axis can provide biggest RPM8000-12000. Special designed principal axis bear configuration, show us the outstanding rigidity of principal head.
Precious ball screw assembly is adopted for X, Y and Z axis, such screw is pre-processed to ensure best precision and minimize the error.

7)Disc style ATC system

8)Advantage of system
1. MITSHBISHI choose 64bite high speed CPU and PLC as the heart if control system, not only improve data processing speed, but also raise machining efficiency obviously.
2. Most advanced hardware is adopted, it is advantage to enhance the ability of high speed processing and the ability of  compensation,
3. System support various language and can be used worldwide.
4. Principal axis is connected by parallel bus.

Servo system
Swift response and stable location loop control system will be most beneficial while machining process, it also realize stable control of speed up and speed down.
1. Adoption of the medium and small model servo motor and high-resolution decoder
2. Enhance the rigidity of machine tool
3. Special characteristics in stable control of speeding up and down
4. Reduce parts processing time and improve the machining precision of parts.

Travel/spaceX/Y/Z axis travelmm600/500/500Standard accessories :
1.        Electricity box heat exchanger
2.        Auto lubricating unit
3.        Fully closed sheet metal cover for prevent chip
4.        Alarming lamp with three color
5.        Foundation block and supporting
6.        Operation & maintenance manual
7.        Composite fixing plate
8.        Flat clamp
9.        Tool holder and bolt each one
Optional accessories:
1.        Disc ATC system
2.        Umbrella ATC system
3.        Oil cooler for spindle
4.        Water gun for sluicing chips from rear of the machine
5.        Auto chip conveyor
Table upper surface to spindle nose end facemm105-605
Table to spindle nosemm560
TableTable dimensionmm700*520
Max. load on tableKg500
Power(X Y Z)mm0.85,0.85,0.85
T shape groovemm18T*P125*3
SpindleSpindle speedrpm8000
Spindle bore taper Taper No.40
Traverse speedRapid speedmm/min24000
Cutting speedmm/min8000
Auto changing tool systemTool holder model BT40
Tool capacitypcs16
Tool exchange time(T-T/C-C)sec7/13
Spindle motorSpindle power (30min/successive)KW7.5/5.5
Air powerMpa/L/min0.6/200
Outer size and weightMachine heightmm2500
Floor spacemm2100*2100
Net weightKg4200

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